I perfom my teaching activities (66h ETD) for the UPMC and the UFE, Observatoire de PARIS. I moslty teach radioastronomy to undergraduate students.

The Paris Observatory hosts two pedagogical radio antenna. These facilities are used for student training and astronomie tutorials. The antenna can also be used from anywhere, like from high-school classrooms. In the context of an European program and in partneship with the UPMC, we developped a remote control interface in order to observe from the ground the atomic hydrogen (HI) emitted by our galaxy, the Milky Way. Here are more information about these activities : doc1 and doc2. The website and the activities of European Hands on Universe can be found on EU-HOU.

Remote Observation Plateform

1. Radio-astronomy

2. Observe Milky Way

3. RotationCurve

4. Morphology

5. piloteRadiotelescopes

6. GetResults

7. AnalyseData

8. UseSimulator

Jupyter Notebook 


Tutorials (L3 UPMC) – 2020

Students Reports

  • 2010 : (M1) K. Noel – pdf
  • 2011 : (M2) M. Millan – pdf
  • 2011 : (L3) A. Bouvet, C. de Roulhac – pdf
  • 2012 : (L3) G. Quinsac, P. Luzi – pdf
  • 2013 : (L3) V. Frey, Elyesse Herizi – pdf
  • 2015 : (L3) Q. Jacques – pdf

Tutorials (L2 UPMC)

  • Calibration (4h) – pdf
  • Pointing (4h) – pdf
  • Milky-Way (4h) – pdf
  • Radio-astronomy (4h) – pdf

Lectures (M2, PhD)

  • Radioastronomy (M2 OMP UPMC) – pdf
  • Molecular gas in high-redshift galaxies (PhD students ED 127) – pdf