ALMA Interferometer

ALMA (Attacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array) is an international observatory (Europe, North America, Asia, Chili) that stands at an altitude of 5 000 in the Atacama desert, Chili. It is made of 66 antennas and works in the millimeter and sub-millimeter domain.

NOEMA Interferometer

NOEMA (NOrthern Extended Millimeter Array) is the IRAM millimeter array. Situated in the Northern Hemisphere on the Plateau de Bure at 2550m altitude in the French Alps. It is currently made of 8 antenna (among a total of 12 expected).

Action Spécifique ALMA

I am member of the scientific council of the ASA, a national entity from CNRS/INSU which aim is to promote millimeter and sub-millimeter astronomy in the french astronomer community.

Federative Action at the Paris Observatory

I a member of the scientific council of this FA. The aim of this action is to support all researchers of the Paris Observatory to take best advantage of the ground-braking submm telescopes ALMA, NOEMA, and Herschel by providing local scientific, technical and computing expertise and financial support to enhance the OP participation.

ALMA Duties 

During my stay at IRAM and my first years at LERMA, I worked on SO2/SO3 duites : Large ground based radio and sub-millimeter interférometer : ALMA

  • ALMA software testing (ALMA-Observing Tool, CASA, TelCal) in the IRAM ARC-Node for the ALMA SSR (Scientific Software Requirements) group led by R. Lucas
  • Tutorials, workshops, schools participation and organisation (IRAM, European ARCs, Paris Observatory, ED127) to prepare future ALMA users
  • Face-to-Face help and workshops for ALMA proposal preparation and data reduction at the Paris Observatory

Recent Tutorials (2014-2015)

  • Introduction to radio-interferometry – pdf
  • ALMA-OT (Observing Tool) and proposal preparation – pdf
  • Sensitivity – pdf
  • Imaging simulation – pdf
  • Handling ALMA archived data – pdf

Data Mining

I am currently working on making my ALMA duties to evolve towards tools to enhance and facilitate the scientific exploitation of the ALMA archived data.