GalaXies Simulations Viewer


Welcome to the webpage of GalaXimView (for Galaxies Simulations Viewer). GalaXimView is designed to visualise simulations which use particles, providing notably a rotatable 3D view and corresponding projections in 2D, together with a way of navigating through snapshots of a simulation keeping the same projection.

Example of GalaXimView window:

galaximview snapshot

The code git repository is available here

You can find a sphinx-generated documentation here.

You can download these examples of simulations, which are run with Gadget-4 (Springel V., Pakmor R., Zier O., Reinecke M., MNRAS) from the example initial conditions provided by Gadget-4 :

  • CollidingGalaxiesSFR with gas and star formation (173 Mb)
  • G2-galaxy with only stars and dark matter (12 Mb)
  • GalaXimView was written by Anaelle Halle (anaelle.halle at, CNRS researcher in LERMA, Paris Observatory. Questions and feedback are welcome.